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Twitter mercilessly rips Knicks for trading Kristaps Porzingis

Michael Dixon
Kristaps Porzingis is a name to watch as NBA trades go down

The NBA got a jolt on Thursday afternoon when Kristaps Porzingis was reportedly traded to the Dallas Mavericks. This came shortly after it was said that he asked for a trade.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN had the particulars of the deal.

The news was absolutely stunning to the NBA world.

Once people got past the shock, the idea of Porzingis playing with Luka Doncic had plenty on Twitter buzzing.

But far more people on Twitter were ready to absolutely blast the Knicks for trading Porzingis. Many tweets were not suitable for print. Still, plenty were.

Imagine what the reaction will be if the Knicks strike out in free agency. It just became critical for New York to hit a home run (if not two) this offseason.