Twitter loses its mind over LeBron James to Warriors rumor

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Some of us who actually turn in early during the work week were thrown for a loop when we saw reports Wednesday morning that LeBron James would be willing to listen to a free agent pitch from the Golden State Warriors during the summer.

But why? This doesn’t even make sense? The NBA would nix such a deal. These were some of the reactionary takes on the rumor.

And while the Warriors themselves have reportedly not shown interest in entertaining the idea of signing James, Twitter itself was full of some rather interesting takes. Most of them were not of the positive variety.




To be perfectly clear, LeBron to the Warriors is likely a non-starter. It doesn’t make even the idea of it any less ridiculous. And to be serious for a second, it would ruin the legacy both James and the Warriors have build up for themselves over the past several years.

But if James were to somehow take a free agent visit with the defending champs, we’re pretty sure social media would cease to exist as we know it. These reactions are a prime example of that.