Tuition for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s sons high school is absurd

Let’s forget about the debate surrounding the NCAA still considering itself an amateur commodity and focus on high school basketball for a second.

Earlier on Wednesday it was noted that LeBron James’ son will join Dwyane Wade’s son in attending Sierra Canyon High School in Southern California.

The two will play for the varsity basketball team, making it the No. 1-ranked squad nationally.

That’s not necessarily the surprise here. Rather, it’s all about the shocking tuition for students at the high-profile school. Check this out.

That’s absolutely ridiculous right there. Adding it up, parents are looking at a minimum of $40,000 annually for their children to attend the school.

This won’t be an issue for either LeBron or Mr. Wade. It’s still a rather alarming number when taking into account high school. In fact, this tuition is more than a lot of colleges out there.

Looking further into it, Sierra Canyon seems to be more of a business than an actual school.

Let’s just hope this comes with a tremendous education.