Nick Saban had to tell Tua Tagovailoa to stop working out so much

Tua Tagovailoa, like many top-flight athletes, loves to get his workouts in whenever he can. That desire led to the Alabama quarterback hitting the weight room after the team’s Week 1 win over Duke. Then, he worked out Sunday and Monday last week, but that activity came at a cost.

As shared by AL.com, Tagovailoa developed fatigue in his throwing arm. That led to a visit with Nick Saban, who wondered why in the world such a malady would show up after just one game. When Tagovailoa told Saban about his workout schedule, the head coach set his young gunslinger straight.

“I explained to him what I did [working out] after the [Duke] game and Coach Saban told me that’s not the way to go about things [and that] this is how we should go about things,” Tagovailoa revealed Monday. “It’ll only lead to, you know, something not good. That’s why we have this set up the way it is.”

‘Bama is a title contender every year. But Tagovailoa is a special player who has elevated the Crimson Tide’s offense to another level since taking over as the starter last year. In two games already this season, Tagovailoa has passed 563 yards and seven touchdowns on 42-of-55 passing.

Needless to say, Saban isn’t risking that kind of production.