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49ers’ Trey Lance has been shining a light on women’s sports in Bay Area

Fans of the San Francisco 49ers can passionately debate whether or not quarterback Trey Lance is “The Guy” right up until Week 1 of the 2023 season, and they probably will. However, one thing they cannot debate is the stellar example being set by the 22-year-old QB, specifically when it comes to the celebration of women’s sports.

At the very start of Women’s History Month, Lance was spotted with 49ers backup quarterback Josh Johnson to assist his teammate in cheering on his daughter, a high school freshman who plays center for the Oakland Tech Lady Bulldogs basketball team.

Check out Lance and Johnson at the game below.

What an awesome display of support. No matter where the San Francisco front office or its players stand when it comes to the position he plays, it’s become nearly impossible to think Lance isn’t a cherished presence in that 49ers locker room.

Here’s what Lance had to say about his love and appreciation for women’s sports.

“Women work just as hard as men in their sports and absolutely deserve the same support, recognition, and appreciation that men get. I love getting opportunities to watch athletes compete at such a high level, whether it’s men or women.”

Trey Lance on women’s sports (49ers.com)

It’s pretty awesome to see a player who is already so highly scrutinized still maintain such a level-headed outlook when it comes to the broader scope of things.

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Even prior to the start of Women’s History Month, it appears to have become a game of “Where’s Trey Lance?” as it pertains to women’s sporting events in the Bay Area.

Specifically, Stanford women’s basketball.

Lance isn’t even mentioned in the Tweet because, well, this is 2023, and it’s the “Steph Curry Show” until someone says otherwise. But the guy in the tan-starred hoodie seated right next to Curry would be Trey Lance.

You know you are approaching life as a young professional athlete in all the right ways if you have found yourself in floor seats directly next to the living legend that is Steph Curry. That didn’t just happen by accident.

Four days later, Lance was spotted at another Stanford women’s basketball game. This time with 49ers defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw.

For ‘Niners fans, including the many Lance doubters, this is a difficult scene not to love.

It’s been well-documented, but it’s worth repeating. Playing the position of quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers requires an ungodly amount of patience because it is — thanks to its rich history — constantly placed under a special kind of microscope for thorough dissection.

But given the way Lance carries himself and his interests that go beyond football, he seems to be completely unbothered by it all, which should certainly count for something.

Again, he is still only 22 years old. This cold hard fact simply cannot be expressed enough.

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