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San Francisco 49ers GM hints at further uncertainty with timeline for Brock Purdy’s 2023 return

When San Francisco 49ers officials are being fed daily reports that rookie quarterback phenom Brock Purdy now “may” have surgery next week — after already missing the first scheduled surgery — fans start throwing the laptop through the conference room window.

General manager John Lynch clearly knows this and realizes that the idea of a veteran quarterback is no longer a consideration, but an essential need.

It’s not going to be easy, either. While the laundry list of options to choose from as we head into free agency is pretty good, the perspective of the “quarterback to be” must be considered.

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Put yourself in their shoes for two seconds and the first question would be, “OK, but what if Trey Lance and Purdy both end up being ready to go?”

It’s a fair question to ask, as none of the prospective quarterbacks the 49ers would be looking at would be willing to sit in the third seat no matter what they’re being paid.

It has legitimate potential to end up being just a disastrous signing, where the veteran quarterback could be requesting a trade before we are out of Week 2.

Evaluating quarterback options for San Francisco 49ers

This really puts Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan in a tricky spot once these conversations actually take place, and how suave this duo will need to be to pull off a great signing.

But considering Lance has an alarmingly low four career starts under his belt and this Purdy surgery issue that brings a new concerning chapter nearly every day, a veteran quarterback signing on with the 49ers could work out to be a golden opportunity on a team loaded with offensive weapons.

So, as for who this could be, we’ll start with 26-year-old Garnder Minshew and his career 44 touchdowns to just 15 interceptions.

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Plus, the opportunity to wear jorts to practice with tight end Geroge Kittle would be quite the magnetic draw for Minshew. Instant, hilarious connection for that duo.

After that, it’s probably some order of Jacoby Brissett, Taylor Heinicke, Baker Mayfield, and maybe Marcus Mariota, who is still only 29.

If they enter a phase where the options boil down to the harrowingly dangerous waters of Matt Ryan or Carson Wentz, it’s time to print the “Pray4Trey” t-shirts and maybe light a candle on the eventual day of Brock Purdy’s surgery.