Raptors with hilariously bad geography fail ahead of Game 3

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully for the Toronto Raptors, they’re better at basketball than whoever runs their Twitter account is at identifying bridges, specifically in the Bay Area.

Like most NBA teams playing the Golden State Warriors, the Raptors are staying in San Francisco, across the bay from Oakland, for the road games during the NBA Finals.

Prior to Game 3, the Raptors tweeted that they had crossed the bridge. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right bridge.

Not only is that not the right bridge, but the players have their backs turned to San Francisco and are facing Marin.

One possibility is that they just decided to take the very long way from San Francisco to Oakland. If that’s the case, Toronto will probably miss Metallica’s version of The Star Spangled Banner. It’s also possible that the Raptors are waiting somewhere in Sausalito. In that case, they’ll be waiting for a while.

Of course, is also possible that the Raptors actually crossed the Bay Bridge, which was mistaken for the Golden Gate Bridge here. Let’s hope it’s that.