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Toronto Raptors could get involved in 3-team Damian Lillard trade for one specific reason

Most top NBA free agents have already landed new deals, but the basketball community can’t rest until the Damian Lillard situation gets resolved. Even though they may not be contenders for the Portland Trail Blazers superstar, the Toronto Raptors could be the solution to helping Lillard land with the Miami Heat this summer.

The Blazers reportedly aren’t excited about the Heat’s trade offer as things currently stand, which may mean a third team has to get involved. This would allow Portland to find value from more than just the Heat, expanding their options as they build around their young core.

That’s where the Raptors could come in, according to HoopsHype. While other teams, such as the Brooklyn Nets and Utah Jazz, have also expressed an interest in Tyler Herro, the Raptors are the latest to join the fray.

Herro is one of Miami’s top trade chips, yet doesn’t appeal as much to Portland, who already has a deep stable of guards. This is why finding a third team, ideally one with a large need for someone of Herro’s skill, a sharpshooting guard who averages 20 PPG, could be the missing piece to a Lillard trade.

The former Sixth Man of the Year winner is still just 23 and is entering the first of a four-year, $160 million contract. As much as he brings to Miami, the chance to add a seven-time All-NBA point guard like Lillard doesn’t come around often. We’ll see if having a new team like the Raptors enter discussions helps a three-team trade come to fruition.

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