Tony Romo’s wife announces pregnancy, August due date for third child

By Jesse Reed

Tony Romo’s family is about to get a little bit bigger. His wife, Candice, announced Tuesday that the family is expecting their third child, due to be born in August.

“We will be expecting our third little Romo offspring this August,” she said on KTCK 96.7 FM/1310 AM The Ticket (h/t SportsDay).

The newest addition to Team Romo will be an understudy to Hawkins, 4, and Rivers, 2.

This joyous news comes at a time of uncertainty for the Romo family, which is in a state of limbo as it pertains to Tony Romo’s NFL future. Because nobody knows where Romo will play in 2017, the family has no idea where they will live or how anything of that nature will play out.

Candice elaborated on this topic in the same interview, revealing it’s not exactly easy to have no idea what’s coming next.

“We don’t know anything,” Candice Romo said. “We know just as much as you guys, and for a type-A planner personality, it doesn’t bode well. And I’m sure when we do [know something], Tony will be the guy to tell you.”

“We just don’t know,” Candice said. “There’s so many variables and things that can take place that my mom has always said, ‘You just don’t cross that bridge until you get there.’ And I just don’t really worry about it until it comes. We’re not really worried about it. We’re just going to see it as it comes.”

Romo’s wife also talked about life after football. She quipped Romo could become a DJ, since he has a love of music, and actor or even a television analyst covering the NFL, as many have suggested (including the great Al Michaels).

At this point, it seems the Cowboys will be forced to release Romo, because finding a trade partner isn’t likely to happen. In addition to his sizeable $24.7 million cap hit this upcoming season, Romo’s health is a huge red flag. Inevitably, he’ll become a free agent, after which he’ll be highly sought after as a short-term solution for teams in need of quarterback help.

All the while, he and his wife will be wrangling two littles, with another on the way. Things are getting exciting for the Romo family, but the future it faces is certainly not without challenges.