Tony Romo’s kids have hilarious reaction to news he retired

After he decided to retire from the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL, Tony Romo had to tell his kids. The reaction he got wasn’t exactly a sad one.

In fact, his son’s primary concern revolved around┬áLEGOs.

Indeed, Romo should be able to produce an infinite supply of LEGOs for his kids.

Per Spotrac, he’s made more than $127 million in his career. That’s a number that does not include endorsements, anything he’ll make at CBS as an announcer, or the $5 million that the Cowboys essentially handed to Romo on a silver platter.

On a more serious note, Romo added that he was pleased to play his entire career with the same team. As we know from the likes of Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning, that’s always a challenge in sports — even for legendary quarterbacks. It’s certainly something that Romo can be proud of.