Tony Romo will golf in 115th Western Amateur

Like many professional athletes, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is good at other sports besides football. The man has a pretty decent golf game as well.

At one point, he played enough golf and scored so well that fans became concerned. He wouldn’t skip out on the NFL for the PGA Tour, would he? That would have been insane! But many had a more reasonable fear. Would his love of golf interfere with his readiness or ability to play football?

The concerns became serious enough that Romo did back away from playing a few years back. But he is done with football now — or so we think.

CBS probably doesn’t care how much golf he plays so long as he’s prepared to talk football and is in his chair on Sundays come football season. So, what’s stopping him from pursuing his other passion now? Nothing!

Romo played in the Azalea Invitational earlier this year in hopes of qualifying for the US Open (he did not).

He’ll take the course in another tournament at the end of the month, the 115th Western Amateur at Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, Illinois.

But how good is he? Could he really compete with the best amateurs in the country let alone the pros on the PGA Tour?

Jason Day once referred to Romo as a ‘sneaky talent’ on the golf course. Does that mean he’s good enough? Fans will have to wait and see to find out the answer.