Tom Herman: Urban Meyer would beat Jim Harbaugh in a fight

By Jesse Reed
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

If Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh were put in the same ring for a college football celebrity death match, Tom Herman would put his money on the Ohio State coach to take down Michigan’s fearless leader.

The head coach of the No. 6-ranked Houston Cougars was asked by Dan Patrick during his radio show if Meyer would be able to take Harbaugh in a fight (totally valid question, by the way).

Of course, you wouldn’t expect Herman to answer any differently. After all, he was Meyer’s offensive coordinator for three years.

Truly, this is a title fight we’d love to see.

Harbaugh would definitely win the “Spitting Mad” trophy, but perhaps his raw fury would be his undoing.

Meyer tends to stay more cool under pressure, but he always knows when to put his foot on the neck of his opponent.

While we may never get the chance to see these two coaches clash in the ring, their teams will face off this year in what could be one of the most important single games of the entire college football season.

No. 4 Michigan will hit the road to take on No. 2 Ohio State on November 26.