Tom Coughlin wants to toughen up the Jaguars

Known for being a hard-nosed head coach dating back to his Boston College days, Tom Coughlin isn’t one to hold back from putting his players on blast. From college to stints as the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants head coach, this is a reputation that has followed him around for a good quarter century.

Now the Jaguars’ new executive vice president of football operations, Coughlin sure isn’t backing away from this mentality.

“This league can benefit from more of (a tough) attitude. This team can,” Coughlin said Friday, via NFL.com. “You’ve got to play through some things.”

Coming off a 3-13 season, there’s a whole lot that needs to be done to fix the Jaguars. Quarterback Blake Bortles went through another mistake-prone season and is no longer necessarily seen as the team’s franchise signal caller. Meanwhile, Jacksonville’s rushing attack finished in the bottom 10 of the league.

However, it appears that Coughlin’s primary focus will be on the trenches this offseason. That’s not a horrible plan. Some would argue that Bortles struggled due to a lack of pass protection. Others would justifiably argue that the Jaguars’ run game didn’t get going because of substandard blocking on the ground.

One thing is known here. Jacksonville brought Coughlin back to the mix as a way to rebuild its foundation based on his philosophy. It might not take part on the football field with the long-time head coach in the front office, but the personnel side of the Jaguars’ building process will surely have Coughlin’s prints all over it.