Tom Coughlin no longer a candidate for Jaguars’ coaching job?

Courtesy of USA Today

Any thought given to the idea of Tom Coughlin returning to the Jacksonville Jaguars could potentially be thrown out the window. One day after interviewing for the Jags’ head-coaching position, at least one report is indicating that Coughlin is no longer a candidate.

“It appears the Jaguars and Tom Coughlin have decided in this case, “you can’t go home again.” Although there are conflicting signals, including Coughlin quoted as saying ‘If it’s the right fit’ he’d be interested, at this point the Jaguars are looking elsewhere,” News4 in Jacksonville reported on Thursday.

Whether this was just a courtesy interview from the Jaguars’ standpoint or something completely different, it’s rather interesting that he’d already be taken out of contention for the head-coaching vacancy so soon after interviewing in the first place. Pure conjecture here, but something could have also gone horribly awry during the interview itself.

Coughlin sat out this season after being forced to resign from his post as the New York Giants’ head coach. This came on the heels of him leading the Giants to two Super Bowl titles in his 12 seasons as the team’s head coach.

Coughlin, who coached the Jaguars for their first eight years of existence, is surely looking to get back into the NFL as a head coach. Though, at 70 years old and with a recent run of unsuccessful seasons, one has to wonder if this was even the right fit in the first place.

It now appears that both sides seem to think it isn’t.