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Tom Coughlin blasts Jaguars’ on-field behavior

Vincent Frank
Tom Coughlin fired
Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars executive vice president Tom Coughlin is about as old school as they come.

The former Super Bowl-winning head coach is not about all the theatrics and showmanship we see on the field on a given Sunday.

Now that his Jaguars have lost seven consecutive games and following the one-game suspension running back Leonard Fournette received for his role in a fight this past Sunday, Coughlin is speaking up big time. In the process, he’s putting the Jags on absolute blast.

“Let’s face it, our numbers are down all over the place,” Coughlin told 1010 XL in Jacksonville. “Our sacks are way down, our pressure’s down, our turnovers are huge — they’re out of sight — the penalties. The way we behave on the field is ridiculous, some of the penalties. So there’s a lot of things that are gonna get addressed. And are being addressed.”

Outside of Fournette’s ugly display, boisterous cornerback Jalen Ramsey made a fool of himself while talking trash to a Bills team that ultimately handed Jacksonville yet another bad loss.

Not necessarily in a good place right now, we’re not sure where the Jaguars go from here. One has to believe head coach Doug Marrone is on the hot seat. Ramsey himself could be traded. Struggling quarterback Blake Bortles was benched for the team’s Week 13 outing against Indianapolis. Meanwhile, the team fired its offensive coordinator after the loss to Buffalo.

As it relates to Marrone, Coughlin didn’t necessarily show a ton of confidence in the head coach.

“It’s not my philosophy, it’s Coach Marrone’s philosophy. And that’s the important thing. But as you adjust through the course of a season, dealing with points for, points against, what the score is, where you’re at,” Coughlin said in talking about Marrone’s offensive approach. “You do get away from yourself sometimes.”

Yeah, that’s not really a ringing endorsement there.

While Coughlin doesn’t hold the general manager title in Jacksonville, it’s well known that he’s the chief decision maker. That should lead to wholesale changes once this disappointing season finally comes to its conclusion.