Tom Brady’s jersey tops sales for beginning of NFL season

It doesn’t matter that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was the focal point of the “Deflategate” scandal that occupied our lives for nearly eight months, because people still want to wear his No. 12.

Yes, Brady’s jersey is the best-selling NFL jersey for the first two weeks of the season, according to the NFL’s official website (h/t ESPN). Following Brady heading up the top five are Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr., Rob Gronkowski and a very surprising Jarryd Hayne, the rookie former Australian Rugby League star.

As for Brady, his licensed┬ámerchandise was also the top-selling between March 1 through May 31, according to the NFL Players Association. Additionally, Patriots spokesperson Stacey James said that Brady’s merchandise sales at the local Patriots Pro Shop were “uncharacteristically high.”

Reportedly, the Patriots jerseys have not been altered since Brady entered the league. The last time the team underwent a change in jersey was in 2000. Since then only a font change to the logo under the neck line and a manufacturer change from Reebok to Nike have been the only alterations.

Besides Brady and Gronkowski being in the top five selling jerseys, Julian Edelman is gaining in sales with his jersey being the 16th highest seller so far this season. It would appear for every one person who hates Brady or the Patriots, there are 10 folks who feel the complete opposite as displayed by this report.