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Hated Buffalo Bills rival Tom Brady warns Josh Allen about how his running style is a detriment

During a recent conversation on his podcast, NFL legend Tom Brady offered friend and Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, some personal advice about how his aggressive running style could continue to be very costly to him and his team.

The Bills have been one of the top teams in the AFC over the last five years in no small part due to the outstanding play of QB Josh Allen. His chemistry with star wide receiver Stefon Diggs has made them one of the deadliest passing combos in the league. However, the 27-year-old has been a two-time Pro Bowler due to his ability to extend plays and tuck the ball and run.

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Yet, when it comes to Allen’s ability to run it has become a live-by-the-sword and die-by-the-sword scenario in recent seasons as injuries start to pile up. Last season an elbow injury later in the year seemed to derail a team with Super Bowl potential. Now, an apparent shoulder injury has some in the Bills Mafia worried again about the talented signal caller.

Tom Brady warns Buffalo Bills star about a shoulder injury from a run ruining the 2nd half of a season in Tampa

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The topic of Allen being a dual threat was part of the conversation during an appearance he made on the “Let’s Go” podcast, co-hosted by retired QB Tom Brady and long-time sports interviewer Jim Gray. Brady played against Allen several times as a member of the New England Patriots. The two developed a friendship from those encounters and that continues today.

That is why the seven-time Super Bowl winner unsurprisingly showered Allen with praise during the chat but also gave a timely warning about how detrimental risky run plays can be to him and his team.

“Someone like Josh, that has this ability that not a lot of guys have — size, speed, strength — I think sometimes he wants to run it because he knows he can get yards. There’s a lot of confidence in him. But my only problem is, you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. And when you put yourself in harm’s way, it doesn’t take much for someone to land on you.”

“For example, I’ve separated my left [and] right shoulder. In fact, during a quarterback sneak when I was with Tampa, I separated my right shoulder on the goal line. And it bothered me the rest of the season. I was trying to gain one yard, and gaining that one yard cost me eight weeks of arm pain.”

-Tom Brady

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The Patriots and Buccaneers veteran added that if he does run he wishes Allen would be more selective with those moments and slide often. While Allen admitted Brady was right, he did pushback on the idea saying that he could get hurt in the pocket on a sack just as quickly as he can by running.

This should be more reason to run less and lower the increased chances of being hurt but obviously Allen sees it differently.

The Buffalo Bills return to action this Sunday in a big Sunday Night Football clash against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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