Tom Brady to the XFL? Wanna bet?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The XFL has already stated it’s going after big-time players, but could the upstart league really lure guys like Tom Brady, Antonio Brown or Dez Bryant? Maybe not, but that’s now something you can bet on.

The latest odds released by show NFL players (former and current) like Josh Gordon, Chad Johnson and Vontaze Burfict are seen as more likely signees than Brady.

Here’s a rundown of some noteable names you can bet on to play in the XFL this season.

1.   Chad Johnson: 4/1
2.   Josh Gordon: 8/1
3.   Vontaze Burfict: 9/1
4.   Randy Gregory: 12/1
5.   Johnny Manziel: 35/1
6.   Colin Kaepernick: 50/1
7.   Dez Bryant: 60/1
8.   Antonio Brown: 75/1
9.   Greg Hardy: 100/1
10.   Marshawn Lynch: 250/1
11.   Tom Brady: 5000/1

Those are some long odds for Brady to the XFL. Bet at your own risk.

Set to start on Feb. 8, with four games kicking off the new league’s inaugural schedule, the XFL is an alternate professional football league owned by Vince McMahon’s company, Alpha Entertainment.

It strives to feature some of the aspects of the game the NFL is filtering out, such as big hits, while providing prospective fans with more excitement due to rules that lend themselves to a game that very much won’t look like the NFL product.

It’s positively laughable to think that Brady would deign to join the XFL at any point after what he’s accomplished as an NFL star for the past two decades. Furthermore, he made as public announcement about his NFL future as you can imagine during Super Bowl LIV.

Some of the other players are intriguing, to be sure. It would probably be a huge draw to have receivers like Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant join the XFL. However, given the league’s public stance on stuff like off-field drama, that is likely not in the cards.