Tom Brady takes to field with words for cameraman, Jalen Ramsey

Despite suffering through what seems to be a gruesome hand injury, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will start for the team in the AFC Championship Game Sunday afternoon.

He also seems to have his game face on and is ready to go. Taking to the field at Gillette Stadium prior to kickoff Sunday, Brady had words for both a cameraman who seemed to be in his way and Jaguars Pro Bowl corner Jalen Ramsey.

Even before really taking to the field, we hear Brady shout something in the direction of a man who is simply tasked with doing his job.

Then, after tossing the rock a few times, Brady apparently decided to have words with the talkative Ramsey.

Remember, Ramsey guaranteed a victory over the Patriots after his Jaguars team upset Pittsburgh in the divisional round last weekend. Most Patriots players took it in stride with an exception of this one man.

Always prepared to trash talk the opponent, Ramsey will surely be looking to get into Brady’s head Sunday afternoon. For his part, it seems Brady isn’t going to put up with anything today. Whether that translates to a Patriots second consecutive Super Bowl appearance remains to be seen.