Tom Brady: Roger Goodell didn’t congratulate me after record-breaking win

Tom Brady

The frosty relationship between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell is apparently still as frigid as ever.

When the New England Patriots took the Los Angeles Rams behind the woodshed for their 10th win of the season in Week 13, Brady became the winningest quarterback in NFL history (201). After accomplishing such a feat, a player should expect the league’ commissioner to offer a congratulatory phone call, at the least.

That didn’t happen between Goodell and Brady, the quarterback revealed in an interview with Jim Gray in a Westwood One pregame show before “Monday Night Football.”

Gray asked Brady if Goodell had reached out to him to offer congratulations for passing Peyton Manning on the all-time wins list.

“I got that question earlier today [on Kirk & Callahan] and no, but I wouldn’t expect that anyway, so that’s fine,” Brady said. “He probably has plenty of other important things as well.”

Brady would make a fine politician when his football career is over.

Speaking of politicians, Brady revealed that neither President Barack Obama or president-elect Donald Trump had taken the time to call him either, noting the both had more important things to do, too.

As it concerns Obama and Trump, we can definitely see they’d have other things to worry about. But the NFL commissioner has zero excuses for not calling a player after such an accomplishment — regardless of his history with said player.

Then again, we shouldn’t really expect anything more from Goodell, who has been less than helpful or friendly to the players who make the owners, his bosses, so much money,