Tom Brady Predicted Shane Vereen Would Have a Big Role in the Super Bowl

Former New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen, who signed with the New York Giants during the offseason, learned that quarterback Tom Brady predicted he would have a substantial role in their Super Bowl appearance last February.

Vereen said that a few days before the game Brady met with his parents and took pictures. That is when Brady told them their son would play an important role in that game (via NFL.com):

“It was funny. They came back and told me that Tom said I was going to have a big game. And lo and behold, we did what we had to do to get the job done.”

Vereen’s pass-catching ability led to him to total 11 receptions for 65 yards in addition to 14 rushing yards against the Seattle Seahawks. During the final drive in the Super Bowl, Vereen had five touches before Brady landed the ball in the hands of wide receiver Julian Edelman for what ended up being the game-winning score.

As for Vereen’s loyalty to Brady, he had this to say of the quarterback in light of the “Deflategate” scandal.

“I don’t think he should be stripped of his Hall of Fame career. I don’t think it should taint his legacy. He’s worked too hard. He’s too good of a player, too good of a quarterback for this to taint his legacy. He does so much not just for the game of football, but he’s changed New England sports.”

Vereen joins the growing number of people who have publicly spoken out in support of Brady.

The next time Vereen and Brady meet up will be in Week 10 when the Giants host the Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

Photo: USA Today Sports