Tom Brady and Peyton Manning hang out after Patriots-Broncos game

Their rivalry and subsequent success has to be considered one of the best stories of the modern era around the football world. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have won a combined six Super Bowl titles.

And while that rivalry came to a conclusion following Manning’s retirement from the NFL, the two still seem to be on solid footing with one another.

This was evidenced by the fact that Brady and Manning met up after the former led his New England Patriots to a win over Manning’s old Denver Broncos squad on Sunday.

Yes, that’s former NFL wide receiver Brandon Stokley, who played with both Manning and Brady, snapping the post-game photo there.

Notice how Brady looks genuinely happy while Manning is making an effort to get out a smile? Well, that likely has to do with Brady leading his Pats to the 12th win of the season over a suddenly struggling Broncos team.

One really has to wonder whether Manning is contemplating a comeback after watching his old team absolutely stink it up over the past two-plus months. Then again, he could simply be thinking of the Papa John’s that didn’t sit too well with him.