Tom Brady nails Easter Bunny with football

By Vincent Frank

This will give more fodder to those who dislike Tom Brady because of the greatness that emits from his body.

The New England Patriots quarterback went all anti-Easter when he decided to drill a bunny in the head with a football.

Not a real bunny. An Easter Bunny — making it all that much worse.

There you have it. Tom Brady hates Easter. Tom Brady hates Easter Bunnies. And more than that, Tom Brady hates your kids and wants to ruin their special holiday.

What is that bunny doing playing football in the first place? He should be busy laying eggs for all the festivities set to take place next weekend. Maybe the slacker got what was coming to him.

For Brady, this latest off-field incident (hint of sarcasm) adds to a laundry list of issues for the quarterback. Let’s just hope he doesn’t deflate your children’s expectations come Easter Sunday.

In all seriousness, the gimmick was a part of an advertising campaign promoting a company called UnReal Candy.

H/t CBS Sports