Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch dominate NFL jersey sales

According to this latest report by the Official NFL Shop, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is totally dominating the West Coast in jersey sales.

Beastmode was as popular as ever when he played for the Seattle Seahawks which explains the dominance in the upper Northwest of the country.

He also has California, the home state of his new team, covered. In addition to this, Lynch has the top-selling jersey in Nevada, where Raiders will call home in a few years.

Something tells us we are going to see a lot of fans clad in Beastmode gear no matter what stadiums we frequent on the West Coast this fall.

While Lynch’s jersey sales dominate a lot of land space out west, it is not surprising that the top-selling jersey is that of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

It is also not too shocking Dallas Cowboys sophomore stars Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott come in third and fourth in bringing in jersey sales.

Happy shopping, folks.