Todd Gurley: Players will need to strike to land guaranteed contracts

By Jesse Reed

The push by NFL players to land guaranteed contracts is beginning to solidify. A couple of days after Russell Okung passionately argued that NFL players deserve them, Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley has chimed in on the topic.

Gurley, who was approached by TMZ Sports, said it will take a “lockout” for players to get the guaranteed contracts they deserve.

Of course, that means strike, which has been advocated for by another high-profile NFL player recently, and which appears to be backed by the NFLPA itself.

Truly, a strike seems to be the only way NFL players will land guaranteed contracts. NFL owners certainly won’t bend to this idea unless they have no other choice, and the only way to apply meaningful pressure is to strike.

The current CBA extends through the 2020 season. There are many other key issues that the NFLPA needs to push for, not the least of which is the issue of cannabis, which research shows could contain key components that assist with healing brain trauma.

A strike at this point seems inevitable.

The players, however, have to be wiling to commit to a long-term lockout to ensure they get what they deserve. Whether enough of them have engaged in the financial preparations to achieve this, however, remains to be seen.