Todd Bowles really doesn’t want to see Christian Hackenberg play

Christian Hackenberg

At first glance, the four-win New York Jets might want to give first-year quarterback Christian Hackenberg an opportunity to take the field. What does the team possibly have to lose? In reality, it might make sense to give their young quarterback a small sample size as his rookie season draws to a close.

According to head coach Todd Bowles, this is the last thing the team wants to see.

“If we get down to the third quarterback, we’re probably getting killed in the first place.” Bowles said Thursday, via ESPN.com.

With a banged-up Bryce Petty set to take to the field and veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick acting as his backup, there’s a chance Hackenberg might be active for the first time all season. Even then, it’s readily apparent the Jets don’t think he’s ready to play.

This puts the team in a bit of a quandary in that Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith are both slated to become free agents. Neither is expected to be back. One would assume the team might want to see what it has in Hackenberg before hitting the offseason evaluation process. Apparently, that’s not the case here.

It should definitely concern fans in New Jersey that the Jets don’t think Hackenberg is anywhere near ready to take to the field. Then again, most pundits saw him as a long-term project when New York took the Penn State product in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft.