Tim Tebow says football career is over

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Perhaps loyal fans of Tim Tebow can finally give up on his NFL dream. He already has.

Of course, Skip Bayless is dead wrong about “No 2nd chance” for Tebow. He got his second, third and fourth chances already with the New York Jets, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles and has been deemed unworthy of an NFL roster spot.

Besides, he’s already moved on to another sport. Tebow’s MLB tryout on Tuesday was perceived¬†with mixed reviews, but many believe he’ll get his shot to play pro baseball.

He’s already being looked at as a serious investment by at least a handful of team, per his agency.

Adidas has already signed him to an endorsement deal as well, per ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

At this point, it’s crystal clear that football is in the rear-view mirror. And after his multiple attempts to stick to an NFL roster failed, it seems just as clear that going back is no longer an option.

Instead, the Tebow fan club must now become accustomed to baseball lingo and pray he is good enough to fulfill a new dream. The old one is dead.