Three things J.J. Watt does not live without

J.J. Watt

Consequent to being the featured star on this season’s HBO reality series “Hard Knocks,” Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is as popular as ever this summer.

ESPN’s Tania Ganguli has taken note of three things that Watt loves.


Don’t mess with Watt when it’s time for a nap. He is a huge fan of occasionally sleeping on the job.

“If you guys can get a bed in your workplace, go for it,” Watt said in his Wednesday press conference, per the team’s official website. “I advocate highly for naps in the workplace.”

Not kidding around about this at all, Watt reportedly arranged for a queen-sized bed with comfy bedding to be delivered to the Texans equipment room, replacing a couch that used to reside in the space. When Watt is not in the middle of one of his beloved naps, he generously lets other players and the equipment personnel use the bed. In exchange, whoever sleeps in the bed reportedly washes the sheets since the laundry room is next door.

Sounds like a win-win situation for all involved.


After all that napping and exercising, Watt needs to eat. In order for the pass rusher to maintain his weight because of his workout regimen, he reportedly consumes up to 9,000 calories a day. Much of those calories come from brunch, which Watt wholeheartedly enjoys.

“I love brunch,” Watt said, according to ESPN. “Brunch is my favorite meal. I went there, had brunch, had a massive potato pancake omelet, which is an omelet inside a potato pancake. Then I had stuffed French toast with berries and stuff. My cheat meals aren’t even that exciting. That was my cheat meal. The omelet is still pretty darn healthy. The stuffed French toast was the cheat meal, but that was delicious.”


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t the only guy in the NFL who loves to toss around his colorful f-bombs. Apparently Watt can’t finish two sentences without dropping some bombs of his own.

Here is a summary of an opening speech he gave on an episode of “Hard Knocks”:

“The philosophy of this f—ing squad is off the field we’re good-a*s dudes; we’re nice f—ing guys, we do the right thing,” Watt said (via ESPN). “On the field, when you step on the field, you’re the baddest f—er on the planet. And together we’re the baddest f—ing team on the planet. And that’s the way we’re going to attack every f—ing day. I don’t care who walks into our building. I don’t care whose building we walk into. We’re the baddest f—er out there.”

Watt sounds like he’s a happy guy as long as he can sneak in some beauty sleep, treat himself to some carb-laden treats and candidly speak his mind—completely unfiltered, of course.