Thomas Davis apparently recruiting Richard Sherman to Panthers

Richard Sherman

It seems a foregone conclusion at this point that Richard Sherman is soon to be a former Seattle Seahawks cornerback. Provided that rumored split does happen, Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers has a pretty good idea about where Sherman should land.

Davis posted a picture of himself and Sherman to his Instagram account on Friday with the caption “IJS,” otherwise known as “I’m just saying.”


Carolina’s defense is already one of the best in the NFL. It would be downright impenetrable if Sherman landed on one of the corner spots, especially with the emergence of James Bradberry. And, of course, assuming Sherman is going to be his old, dominant self after two surgeries on his ruptured Achilles.

There is the matter of the cap, however, that could get in the way of such a partnership. Carolina isn’t loaded with cap space, which is why guard Andrew Norwell is all but gone in free agency already. So, while it would be fun watching Sherman run with the Panthers, it’s not likely to happen unless he’s content with taking a significantly reduced salary.