This Notre Dame helmet has amazing Lou Holtz inscription

Jan 10, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; Two time Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year recipient Lou Holtz speaks during Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year press conference at Renaissance Hotel Dallas. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz is a weird character. Those who watched him on ESPN following his coaching days know this full well. Saturdays filled with Holtz and Mark May were like a gift from god.

But Holtz really made his name as the Fighting Irish head coach, manning the sidelines in South Bend from 1986-1996 and earning a national championship in 1988.

If we were to ask Holtz whether his Golden Domers deserved more than one title, he’d likely respond in the affirmative. Just look at this one specific Notre Dame helmet Holtz signed. It has an absolutely brilliant inscription.

Some history here. Notre Dame finished 12-1 in 1989, only to miss out on the national championship after defeating Colorado in the Orange Bowl. Instead, Miami (F) would “earn” the title under a now defunct polling system.

The Irish would go on to finish the 1990 campaign with a 9-3 record, so we’re not too sure where Holtz is coming from there. But in 1993, Notre Dame again finished with an 11-1 record. Unfortunately, the Irish missed out on the title agin after beating Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl.

It’s readily apparent that Mr. Holtz is still a bit salty about his former Irish team missing out on two national championships he believed the team earned.

On another note, how amazing would it be to own that helmet?