Things Oakland Athletics’ Pitcher Brad Mills Can Buy With $1

Ken Rostenthal reported that the Oakland A’s aquired left-handed pitcher Brad Mills from the Brewers for $1.00. No, I didn’t leave out any zeroes, or get any commas mixed up. I mean, a whole dollar. Before you feel bad for Mills, let’s give him a bit of a boost to remind him that there are some pretty awesome things out there worth $1.00. Let’s just pretend taxes aren’t involved shall we?

Jack in the Box tacos


These are my personal favorite, and I do not mean just at 3:00 in the morning. But, with all due respect please do not tell me what is in them. C’mon Brad, you KNOW you love these.

Heads Up!

photo (12)

Seriously, one of the most addicting games ever! Especially when you’re hosting a night where you invited your friends for game night and your BFF Devon spaced on bringing Cards Against Humanity. But you let her come anyways because she’s the only normal one of the group. Yes, THAT game. So fun!

FOUR Custom Handshakes From Pablo Sandavol

courtesy of pandawhale.com

courtesy of pandawhale.com

Yes, FOUR!

Kisses, From this Guy

courtesy of www.dailytelegraph.com.au

courtesy of www.dailytelegraph.com.au

I actually have no idea who he is, but hey, you’re welcome. Most of the time, you have to buy dinner, a movie, and drinks, so I would consider this a “hashtag blessed” kind of scenario. #blessed

Children’s Books

courtesy of southernsavers.com

courtesy of southernsavers.com

Through Amazon.com, you can actually find some great books on sale for one dollar! Just upload that bad boy to your Kindle, set it up for your son or daughter, and you have a babysitter for at least 3 minutes. Thank me later.

Join a Shave Club

This is actually really cool. DollarShaveClub.com let’s you chose from three blades and for $1/month you can get razors sent right to your door. This way, the ladies won’t be mad at you come No-Shave November. (Even though we know you’re going to participate in that anyways)

Save a Life



If you go to 1dollaraday.org, you can sign up to help those in poverty by donating just $1 a day. You can assist in health, education, clean water and even women and children’s rights. It never hurts to help someone in need. Ever.

Wendy’s Frosty

courtesy of FoxNews.com

courtesy of FoxNews.com

Because you need something to dip your fries into, or else, you are doing it wrong.

Photo: courtesy of dfw.cbslocal.com