‘The Office’ cast still has a fantasy football league 19 years later

The Office
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At its peak, NBC’s The Office was one of the most popular television series around. An all-star cast led by Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer delivered good, clean fun for all families to enjoy.

Yet, like all good things, even The Office had to eventually come to a conclusion 188 episodes and nine seasons later. But one thing that hasn’t ended, is the cast’s fantasy football league, which we recently learned has still been running, for a full 19 years now.

One would think that filming The Office took all hands on deck, with all members of the cast focused on the topic at hand. How else did they consistently produce such gold, each and every episode?

Much like in ‘The Office,’ Kevin Malone can’t win in fantasy football either

Not entirely. According to Brian Baumgartner, most know him as Kevin Malone, The Office‘s cast would even hold their fantasy draft while filming the popular TV series.

Amazingly, Kevin has made it to the league’s championship stage more than any of his acting peers, but much like he did in The Office, he fumbles the chili before he can celebrate a victory.

Well, now we have another reason to go back and watch more re-runs of The Office, trying to see if we can see any legal pads with the cast’s fantasy football drafts displayed in clear view.

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