The Dallas Cowboys are the Second-Most Valuable Sports Team in the World

According to a report released by Forbes on Wednesday, the Dallas Cowboys are the second-most valuable professional sports team in the world.

The report has the Cowboys valued at $3.2 billion—a number that falls just behind Real Madrid of La Liga across the pond ($3.36 billion). Not too surprisingly, the Cowboys tied the New York Yankees on this list.

According to the report by Forbes, the Cowboys generate over $100 million annually from AT&T Stadium. It also helps that the $500 million in naming rights for the stadium drives the team’s value up.

For the past eight years, the Cowboys have maintained the status of the most valuable NFL franchise. They are also the most profitable team in the sports world, maintaining an operating income of $246 million with a consistent revenue that is 31 percent higher than all other NFL teams.

The bottom line is this: Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are filthy rich.

Photo: USA Today Sports