Texans’ J.J. Watt indicates he has a broken finger

By Rachel Wold

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is about as tough as nails. He is not going to let what was originally diagnosed as a dislocated finger, get in the way of his production.

Watt had this to say about his now, broken finger, that he described as “not bad.”

“It’s just a finger.┬áIf it were anything else, it’d be a problem,” Watt said, according to Sarah Barshop of ESPN. “It’s an injury that doesn’t bother me whole lot because I didn’t have use of that finger for a long time. I tore a tendon a few years back on it. So, it wasn’t very useful anyway.”

This is positive news. Watt is looking to make a comeback this season after playing only three games in 2016 when he dealt with much more serious injuries. It doesn’t seem an injured finger is going to hold him back.

In two games this season, Watt has tallied a total of seven tackles. He has yet to gain his first quarterback sack. But if he does this week, it will come against New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The Texans travel to Gillette Stadium to attempt to put a second win on the board Sunday.