Terrelle Pryor takes high road in response to trashy Janoris Jenkins tweet

Janoris Jenkins apparently doesn’t think much of Terrelle Pryor. Following the New York Giants’ 27-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns, Jenkins let Pryor know what he thinks of the receiver’s skills.

In a tweet that has since been taken down, Jenkins unjustifiably took a huge shot at Pryor. Thankfully, we took a screenshot, just in case.


This is a fairly strange thing for Jenkins to say. Of course, this is reminiscent of Richard Sherman’s postgame comments about Michael Crabtree following the 2014 NFC Championship Game.

But it’s also much different.

One, even prior to that NFC Championship Game and subsequent NFC Championship win, Sherman was universally regarded as one of the NFL’s best defensive backs. Jenkins is good, but hasn’t earned that reputation yet.

Two, those comments were made right after the game. Jenkins’ were made well after.

Three, Sherman’s comments came in an NFC Championship Game. These comments were made following a late November win against a winless team.

Lastly, Pryor had a huge game against the New York secondary. He caught six passes and led both teams with 131 receiving yards.

Pryor did respond, taking the high road.

If nothing else, it’s strange for Jenkins to be targeting Pryor here.

The Giants aren’t going to play Pryor or the Browns again in 2016.¬†Given the fact that Cleveland is in the AFC and 0-12, this isn’t exactly setting the tone for a potential playoff showdown. Jenkins would be better off directing his attention to future opponents on better teams.