Terrell Davis: ‘I believe in Trevor’ Siemian, expects him to start

Trevor Siemian Broncos

In his first year starting for the Denver Broncos, quarterback Trevor Siemian completed 59.5 percent of his passes for 3,401 yards. He added 18 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and had an 84.6 passer rating. By objective standards, it was an underwhelming.

But Hall of Famer and Broncos legend Terrell Davis made it clear that Siemian is someone he likes going forward into 2017.

“Hey I believe in Trevor, man,” Davis said in an interview on ABC affiliate Denver7, per Troy E. Renck.“What I saw in a few games last year. … Remember, people don’t realize that the man only played one season, and he really wasn’t expected to play last year. I think it’s invaluable he got those game reps, and it’s going to help him out tremendously this year.”

Davis did acknowledge that Paxton Lynch has more tangible skills, but added that there’s no rush to bring Lynch in if Siemian is developing.

Denver needs better production under center than it got in 2016. But it also needs a lot of help from the linemen up front, who were well below average a season ago.

The Broncos did miss the playoffs in 2016, marking the first time since 2010 that Denver failed to qualify for the postseason. But Davis believes that with an improved offense, the team will return to the playoffs.

“Absolutely. I know everybody is saying the Raiders are the team to beat in that division. I have to see them put together two solid seasons. Kansas City will always be there. And the L.A. Chargers will be better. I think it’s the toughest division in football,” he added. “But anytime you have a defense like Denver’s, you always have a chance. And I really think their offense is going to be much improved.”

If the offense improves, it is hard to imagine the Broncos missing the playoffs. Even in that tough division and with a struggling offense, Denver still went 9-7 a season ago, missing the postseason by only one game.

The offense will need to get better and it will need to get much better for the Broncos to compete for a Super Bowl. But this team won the Super Bowl in 2015 with a passable offense and a stellar defense. So if anyone believes in that model, it should be the Broncos.