Teddy Bridgewater doing field drills without a knee brace

Teddy Bridgewater

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is making significant improvements in his recovery from the devastating knee injury he suffered last year. Every now and again, more news comes in that gives us the distinct impression he’s going to be able play this year at some point.

We’ve seen him looking pretty comfortable throwing the ball with a brace on his knee, and everyone around him has had nothing but positive things to say about his recovery.

Then on Wednesday, we got to see him doing field drills without a knee brace for the first time, working out in the rain.

That’s a sight to behold for Bridgewater, his teammates, family, friends and Vikings fans.

Obviously, we can’t see the full extent of what he’s doing out there — how much lateral movement he’s capable of doing, how much torque he can put on that restructured knee, etc. But the fact he’s working out without a brace is huge news. Period.