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Taylor Lewan rips Josh Norman explaining why he approached him after game

Jesse Reed
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Lewan and Josh Norman got into a heated post-game argument in which Norman threw his helmet at his opponent and the two of them had to be separated before things really got out of hand.

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After Lewan came off the field he was approached by reporters about the incident. He explained why he went after Norman, noting he thought the cornerback was intentionally trying to hurt Derrick Henry, while ripping him in a big way.

“It’s not our fault you’re not relevant anymore.”

My goodness, Lewan. The man has a family, for crying out loud.

For what it’s worth, Henry told reporters after the game he didn’t think Norman was trying to hurt him. But anyone who’s followed Lewan dating back to his college days at Michigan knows he’s ultra protective of his guys.