Tampa Bay Lightning crack joke about Chargers new logo

As the entire social media world made fun of the Los Angeles Chargers’ new logo, one NHL team made sure that its time didn’t pass without getting involved.

By now you already know the Chargers have announced they are relocating from San Diego to Los Angeles. With that came that release of what has to be considered a disastrous new logo.

Courtesy of the Chargers on Twitter.

As we mentioned in our initial article, this looks very similar to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ logo.

Apparently, the Lightning took note as well.

Please tell us you don’t need a sportswriter to spell this out for you. Hopefully you have already learned about the birds and the bees.

For those still missing the point. Yes, that’s a lightning bolt inserting itself into what appears to be the Dodgers’ logo.

Hence, the tweet from a pretty awesome Lightning social media team.