Tajae Sharpe, Sebastian Tretola file counter suit against man who accused them of assault

Two Tennessee Titans players, Tajae Sharpe and Tebastian Tretola, have filed a counter lawsuit against Dante Satterfield, who recently accused them of assault.

Satterfield claimed Sharpe beat him up while Tretola watched at a bar called Tin Roof on April 27. He filed a lawsuit against Sharpe and Tretola, asking for “a jury trial as well as $500,000 in damages” after claiming he “suffered a concussion, broken bones in the face, massive facial bruising, a perforated eardrum, among other injuries,” per WKRN.com.

The two Titans players said they did lay hands on Satterfield in self-defense. Sharpe admits to punching Satterfield, and Tretola has admitted to “body-checking him against a brick wall” after Satterfield wouldn’t leave them alone.

According to Satterfield’s lawyer, the story the players are telling now in the counter lawsuit aren’t consistent with what they said in the beginning.

“When my client sued Mr. Sharpe, his agent told the media that Sharpe ‘wasn’t even there at the time [my client] was allegedly beaten up.’ In today’s court filing, Sharpe changes his story entirely and says he was there but acted in self-defense. We are confident that an impartial jury will be able to make out what actually happened that night.”

The players’ attorney responded by saying, “In accordance with rules of professional conduct, my clients will speak through documents filed in court. We look forward to seeing Mr. Little and his client at trial.”

It’s important to note neither player has been charged with any crime. We’ll be following this story as it evolves in the coming weeks and months.