Taco joint offering Johnny Manziel a job

By Vincent Frank

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is out of work and currently looking for a job.

In between him partying it up throughout the United States, the former Heisman winner lost out on sponsorship opportunities and has been let go by two different agents. Oh, and he’s currently involved in a domestic violence legal situation off the field.

Needless to say, playing football has to be the last thing on the quarterback’s mind.

This doesn’t mean he can’t use a few dollars here and there, especially to pay for his rather large entourage.

There’s no reason for Manziel to fret, Taco Time is here to save the day:

Mike and Pam Farley, the owners of the restaurant, sure are making waves with this sign in Spokane, Washington.

Is Manziel likely to take the couple up on the offer? Well, considering his entire rookie contract was guaranteed we are pretty sure the former Cleveland Browns quarterback is doing just fine.

Though, hitting pretty much every hip nightclub and bar in the United States might come with a hefty price tag.

If Manziel wants spending money from here on out, he might just take Taco Time up on this offer. After all, it would likely mean all the free tacos Manziel could eat. Let’s just hope beer isn’t on tap. That wouldn’t be good for anyone involved.