T.J. Ward calls new NFL ejection rule ‘BS’

Rules aren’t created to make everybody happy.

To the dismay of some players, the NFL Competition Committee voted in favor of an ejection rule that would see a player be removed from a game if he commits multiple personal foul penalties (via NFL.com).

Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward joins Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in opposition of the new rule.

“I think (the ejection rule is) B.S. Because a lot of those penalties are derived from playing hard. And accidental,” Ward said, via NFL.com. “So to kick someone out of the game for playing hard, on something that’s accidental, or especially … it’s going to be defensively biased, ’cause, you know, facemask, horse collars, helmet-to-helmet hits. I mean, what do you got on offense? Chop block now? Hands to the face? You know, it’s … Of course defensive players are going to be getting thrown out at a higher level than offensive players.”

While some players are speaking out in frustration, there are certain people around the NFL that like the new rule. Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin hopes the rule will “change behavior” on the field.

Tomlin saw first-hand how out of control action from defensive players can impact the game. This came in the form of the Cincinnati Bengals struggling to let cooler heads prevail in their late-game playoff loss to Pittsburgh this past January.

The new ejection rule was passed on a one-year trial basis plan.

Regarding Ward’s stance, he has a point about penalties being called on certain plays in which the intent was not to commit a personal foul. With all the gray area here, we are sure to see a ton of drama unfold on the field this upcoming season.