WATCH: Sneak peek at some funny Super Bowl commercials

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For many fans, the game itself is just one of the reasons to tune in on Super Bowl Sunday, as Super Bowl commercials register as a huge draw to casual viewers.

Maybe that’s why Super Bowl commercials are costing companies roughly $5 million per 30-second ad. It’s one of the biggest single events on television worldwide every year, so the chance to get millions of eyeballs on products is too enticing to pass up for big companies.

Some of the Super Bowl commercials are coming out already, days in advance of the big game. Here’s what we found so far.

Sarah Jessica Parker and “The Dude” love Stella Artois.Β 

Bonus: At least one of them knows how to pronounce it.

Colgate introduces the “Close Talker”


And yes, there is still such a thing as “too close.”

Pringles goes high-tech with “Sad Device Commercial”


Suddenly, I’m hungry.

Backstreet Boys are back…and hungry for some Doritos


If we’re being honest, Doritos has done much better in the past.

Mr. Peanut goes YOLO

Bold choice, going with Alex Rodriguez and Charlie Sheen, Mr. Peanut.

Is Pepsi OK?

Nice subtle dig against your competitor, Pepsi. Also, puppies are more than okay.