Stunning TV ratings show what a failure Chargers are in Los Angeles

Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports

As if the weekly hostile takeovers by fans of any road team facing the Chargers weren’t enough evidence this franchise is a failure in Los Angeles, we have further proof.

Check out these facts on the television ratings for the Chargers game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday Night Football:

Anyone who did watch the game saw that Dignity Health Sports Park, formerly called StubHub Center, was full of Steelers fans. In fact, it was hard to spot the Chargers fans in the crowd at all, and the Steelers were constantly pumping up their fans — it was a veritable home game away from home for Pittsburgh.

Even more humiliating, the stadium at one point was blasting the song “Renegade,” which is Pittsburgh’s theme song — something the Chargers were very upset about.

Nobody in Los Angeles is too interested in watching the Chargers play. This is already a huge problem. Just wait until the new stadium is built and the Chargers are facing double the amount of visiting fans on a weekly basis. Talk about a black eye for this franchise, and for the league.