Steve Smith Waits Until His Birthday to Deal with Twitter Troll

By Rachel Wold

In football years, some may consider Baltimore Ravens’ wide receiver Steve Smith, 36, “old.” In real life, that is not even mid-life crisis mode.

However, Smith is not one to mess with when it comes to badmouthing and trolling him on social media.

While the date of this tweet is unknown, Smith proudly waited until his birthday to address it.

By owning his age, Smith is just showing his true colors. Always a stand-up man.

Smith has also never been one to back down from his haters. In fact, he believed he was so good at dishing the trash back that he actually shut down his Twitter for a brief period last fall.

I’ll kill you on Twitter, so I had to stop. Somebody would say something inappropriate to me, and I wasn’t being a very good example for my kids.

People are going to say what they want on Twitter,” Smith said. “Internet courage is great. Internet courage is like a Cover-2 corner. You’ve got a safety over the top, you feel better about yourself. You got that one-on-one coverage, you back off a little bit. That’s how I look at Twitter.

Smith did not let his age stop him when he faced his former Panthers team last season either. Prior to that game, Smith had promised “blood and guts.” He did not disappoint. Smith dropped 139 yards and two touchdowns on his old team, after which he claimed:

I’m 35 years old, and I ran around those boys like they were schoolyard kids.

The bottom line is this. Smith isn’t going to back away from a challenge on or off the field. So if you are planning to throw some shade his way on social media, expect a witty response.

Photo: USA Today Sports