Steve Smith: Tom Brady a ‘step above Aaron Rodgers’

Newly retired wide receiver Steve Smith ditched his football uniform for some classy dress-up duds to join ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday.

Smith answered some questions pertaining to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ playoffs outlook. Being honest and unfiltered as always, Smith told the show he believes┬áBrady’s “a step above Aaron Rodgers — uh, several steps.”

At this time, there are several Super Bowl scenarios (these are the most attractive). The Patriots facing off against Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers is certainly one them. From Smith’s comment, we can probably guess that he favors New England in that potential matchup.

Smith also said in his interview that he thinks the AFC’s Kansas City Chiefs would be New England’s toughest competition should the conference finals boil down to those two teams.

After having played against New England during his career as a Baltimore Raven, Smith said that the Patriots have a way of making opposing teams feel “impatient” on the field. He also mentioned that this in turn leads to the opposition doing things that are “uncharacteristic” and then mistakes are made.

The NFL’s playoff schedule starts when the Wild Card games┬ákick off this weekend. This is when we shall know the fate of Rodgers when the favored Packers, host the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, Brady and his team will be enjoying a bye week of rest before finding out who they will be squaring off against next weekend.