Steve Smith Expects “Fat, Lazy, Sorry Couch Quarterbacks” to Come Out

By Rachel Wold

There’s no hiding the fact that the Baltimore Ravens put up a horrible performance in a 25-13 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday.

Outspoken Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. definitely had some choice words to describe the embarrassing game (via

Bottom line is, offensively, we just got our ass kicked. That’s what happened. That’s what the score looks like. That’s what it looks like when you just lose. That is the consequences of losing.

We expect and understand and anticipate all of the negative feedback and all of the fat, lazy, sorry couch quarterbacks are going to come out. We expect that and understand that. We’re not going to pay attention to it.

Smith isn’t far off from the truth here regarding how poorly the Ravens played. Quarterback Joe Flacco had his worst performance of the year, completing only 21-of-50 passes for less than 200 yards and three interceptions. The run game was also awful resulting in just 33 total yards.

This loss was costly and if the Ravens have any chance at moving towards playoffs, they will have to beat the Cleveland Browns next week. Additionally, they’ll need the San Diego Chargers to lose in Week 17. Smith certainly has a vested interest here in achieving a win next week, because as his former Carolina Panthers’ team will clinch a playoff spot if they win in Week 17.

If things don’t play out in the Ravens’ favor next week, and the Panthers do indeed win, Smith will be the one sitting at home playing “couch quarterback.