Steve Kerr offers gold quote about Patriots winning Super Bowl

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Game 2 2017 NBA Finals

In regards to the New England Patriots winning yet another Super Bowl, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is bringing the jokes.

Kerr was asked what he thought about the game. Per Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Kerr gave a response that must be quite familiar to him.

As a player, Kerr was on the Chicago Bulls for their second three-peat of the 1990s. He then went to the San Antonio Spurs, winning the first two of what would eventually be five titles for them. Then, as coach of the Warriors, he’s won three titles in four seasons.

So, we’re guessing he’s heard that a lot over the years. We’re also guessing that he was waiting for a chance to break that answer out.

We can never let it be said that Kerr doesn’t know what’ being said about his team.