Steve Kerr compares Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry
Courtesy of Kyle Terada, USA Today Sports

In the history of the NBA, there are 13 players who have won the MVP award multiple times. Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry are among them. Both have also earned multiple NBA titles, with Jordan winning six and Curry looking to build on the two he’s already won.

There’s definitely a comparison to be made between the two. More than anything, the biggest comparison is how each changed the game itself. For Jordan, that was about the mid-range fade-away, something we saw him perfect during a dominant run with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s.

More recently, Curry helped create a trend that values the three-point shot more than in any previous era of NBA basketball.

Having played with Jordan and currently coaching Curry, Steve Kerr has a first-hand knowledge of any comparison between the two. And in the lead up to his Warriors looking to defend their title, Kerr had a pretty darn interesting take.

“He (Curry) is the most impactful offensive player in terms of what he does to the defense, maybe ever,” Kerr said, via KNBR. “There’s guys, obviously Michael Jordan impacted things, but the way Steph plays puts the fear of God into defenses like nobody I’ve ever seen.”

There’s definitely an argument to be made here. Last season saw Curry add an amazing finish at the hoop to what is the best three-point shot in the history of the game. This gave the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James absolute fits during the NBA Finals, as evidenced by one play in particular.

Jordan could drive and score with the best of them. He also had the prettiest mid-range shot of his era. But he was not a major threat beyond the arc.

And much like Jordan, Curry takes up double/triple teams at times. This leaves the likes of Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green open out on the perimeter. It’s one of the primary things that has made this Warriors team one of the most dominant in NBA history.

In no way is Kerr saying that Curry is a better player than his former teammate. To many, Jordan remains the greatest of all-time. And any threat to that title belongs to either Kobe Bryant and/or King James himself. Even then, the way Curry impacts games on the offensive end of the court is absolutely astonishing.