Stephen Ross confirms Miko Grimes was reason for cutting Brent Grimes

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross confirmed Tuesday what many have suspected, that Brent Grimes was released in large part because of his wife, Miko Grimes, and her incessant over-the-top and sometimes threatening behavior on social media.

Grimes made headlines recently, before the Dolphins let Grimes go, for attacking a Miami beat writer on Twitter with what has to be considered potentially violent intent.

She also attacked Miami’s roster many times on her infamous Twitter account, including quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Grimes was a really solid defender for the Dolphins last year. He notched 49 tackles and four interceptions and often took on the best receivers of opposing teams.  At the age of 32, he was still capable of more fine play.

The Dolphins saved $6.5 million on the move. But one has to imagine they might have been more inclined to keep Grimes if not for the hassle of dealing with Miko Grimes’ name constantly popping up in the media because she was slamming the organization.